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 Dry River Beds, Boulders, Xeriscaping 

Dry River Beds, Boulders, Xeriscaping

Landscapes have a number of features such as softscaping, hardscaping, retaining walls water features, outdoor lighting etc. Hardscaping becomes the foundation of the landscape and it adds stability to the rest of the “live” features such as plantings and water features. Boulders and dry river beds also become a part of the hardscaping in the landscape. These elements add beauty, elevation and texture to what would otherwise be flat ground.

Decorative Elements

We get a lot of requests from customers to install decorative boulders on their property. These could be installed as standalone features in the middle of a garden or yard and can become the focal point of the landscape. In some cases, the installation of boulders will be more in the form of outcroppings and may be incorporated into the design of a waterfall or fountain too. This is a very artistic way of placing boulders in the landscape. The idea is that they should look natural and not just as if they have been placed there as decorative features.

Including them as part of the water features or using boulders of various hues creates a stunning effect. We also use rounded stones to install dry river beds which can be placed in a meandering design in the landscape. Our designers work very closely with you to understand what your preferences are and then provide you with solutions that work perfectly for you.

Different Boulders

In this effort we use boulders and outcroppings of various types such as:

  • Fieldstone boulders
  • Gray trap,
  • Limestone boulders
  • De Pere outcroppings
  • Superior rock
  • Purple quartz
  • Door County outcroppings
  • Highland Brown

We also stock landscaping boulders from 6” to 48” in different and styles. We ensure that all the materials that we use are of the highest quality & are consistent in look and form.


In addition to creating stunning effects with boulders, we are also very focused on providing sustainable landscape solutions. With reference to this, we specialize in Xeriscaping. This is the science of creating drought-resistant landscapes; we use various slow growing plants and plants that do not have very heavy water requirements and create landscapes that look as stunning as any other.

Different Aspects

Though we can incorporate Xeriscaping into your existing landscape, it’s much better to design and build it from the ground up. We have the expertise to create the most beautiful and well-balanced xeriscapes that will be water-efficient and sustainable. We use a number of techniques while creating these installations, including:

  • Zoning
  • Using Drought-Resistant Plants
  • Installing Drought-Resistant Turf
  • Adding Mulch

Custom Solutions

We at Central Coast Synthetic Turf have been working in a very consistent manner in this space and design and build landscapes of all types for customers across Santa Maria, Arryo Grande, Grover Beach and the surrounding areas. We prioritize providing you with custom solutions that lie well within your budget. Call us Central Coast Synthetic Turf on 805-260-1690. Contact us via this online form.

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