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Today, people look for practical landscape solutions. They want something that'll add to the beauty of their home but is low on maintenance. That's understandable because natural grass lawns and gardens require considerable amount of care and maintenance. People spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on lawn maintenance every year in order to keep the grass green and healthy. You also need to pay high utility bills because lawn grass requires considerable amount of water to grow and stay healthy.

Synthetic Turf Applications Santa Maria

At Central Coast Synthetic Turf, we offer a more practical alternative to natural grass. Synthetic grass has the same look and feel of normal grass without the hassle. We have installed fake turf on several properties in Arroyo Grande, Avila Beach, Cambria, Five Cities, Lompoc, and Morro Bay with great results.

Our clients in Atascadero, Buellton, Cayucos, Grover Beach, and Los Osos also appreciate the low maintenance, stress-free lawn that synthetic grass provides. We encourage people to give it a shot. The artificial turf technology has advanced by leaps and bounds and it doesn't look fake or plastic-like in any way.

Applications of Synthetic Turf

Artificial turf is very versatile and easy to use. It can be used in a variety of applications without any difficulties in installation and maintenance. You're always welcome to give us a call if you want to know more. In our 15 years of business, we have used synthetic turf for the following applications:
  • Front Yards - Front yards contribute to your home's curb appeal and have an impact on its value. An easy to maintenance but attractive artificial turf yard can leave a great impression on everyone who visits or passes by your home. The yard would always appear pristine because you won't have to mow it or water it regularly.

  • Backyards - Backyards are for family fun. Children and pets usually play and run across the lawn or garden. Natural grass can be trampled and damaged by such activity, but synthetic turf is more resilient and can easily withstand rough use.

  • Putting Greens - If you're fond of golf, you'll surely love synthetic grass. Natural grass golf greens are very difficult to maintain and require near constant attention. Synthetic putting green is easy to maintain, doesn't require too much attention, and doesn't have a negative impact on your game.

  • Pet Areas - How many times have your dog's paws left patches of uprooted grass on your lawn? That won't happen when you use synthetic grass; it's more resilient and will withstand rough use. Your pets can safely play on this grass and not cause any damage to its surface.

  • Water Conversation - If you're concerned about our environment and want to do you bit to help, you should install artificial grass. This lawn doesn't require water to grow. You only need to use it to clean the grass occasionally. You'll save a lot of water and reduce your utility bills if you install a synthetic turf.

If you want to know more about synthetic turf and its benefits, contact us at Central Coast Synthetic Turf. You can give us a call at 805 260 1690. We'll be happy to help in any way possible.

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