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TST Line

TST Line is a very dense (120 oz per sq yd) golf product made of U.S. Made texturized nylon developed specifically to handle the club impact generated by the high swing speeds of today’s golfer. TST Line is tufted on a 3/16 gauge machine into 2 primary backings with a 7/8” finished pile height. This density and pile height allows the product to be used either WITH or WITHOUT your normal golf tee. TST Line has 20 oz of urethane as the secondary backing with NO HOLES. TST Line comes only in 12’ widths and is available in both Verde and Two-Tone.

Product Specs:

 Fiber Weight:  120 oz. / sq. yd.
 Pile Height:  7/8"
 Color:  Verde or Two-Tone
 Primary Backing:  18 pic & 13 pic Polybac
 Secondary Coating:  20 oz. Urethane
 Gauge:  3/16"
 Fiber:  U.S. Made Texturized Nylon