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Primo Plus Fescue

Primo Plus has a total of 54 oz., a combination of the 320 micron PE Monofilament and having a thatch zone consisting of a texturized 150 micron Field Green PE monofilament with a combined total of 54 oz. per sq. yd. The pile height on Primo Plus is 1 1/2” and is tufted on 3/8” gauge. The primary backing is 2 layers of polybac, 1@13 pic and 1@18 pic. There is a 20 oz. urethane as a secondary coating. Perforations for drainage are standard. Primo Plus is available 2 colors of green, Spring and Fescue. We recommend the use of infill in all turf products as it will enhance both the visual and the performance characteristics.

Product Specs:

 Fiber Weight:  54 oz. / sq. yd.
 Pile Height:  1 1/2"
 Color:  Fescue
 Primary Backing:  18 pic & 13 pic Polybac
 Secondary Coating:  20 oz. Urethane
 Gauge:  3/8"
 Fiber:  PE Monofilament - 320 micron SS
w/ Textured Field Thatch