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Hole In One

Hole-in-One is a 36 oz golf product primarily designed for use as sand filled putting material. Hole-in-One is made of a 7600 denier Polypropylene fibrillated slit film tufted on a 3/8 gauge machine. It has a 1” pile height and a secondary coating of 20 oz per sq yd of urethane. It comes in 15’ width and comes WITHOUT holes. The product is very friendly to installers due to the ease of fibrillation of the yarn as well as the durability. It is available in Field green. A lighter weight version, Par 3, is also available using the same yarn except with a ¾” pile height and 30 oz per sq yd.

Product Specs:

 Fiber Weight:  36 oz. / sq. yd.
 Pile Height:  1"
 Color:  Bermuda Green
 Primary Backing:  18 pic & 13 pic Polybac
 Secondary Coating:  20 oz. Urethane
 Gauge:  3/8"
 Fiber:  U.S. Made Polypropylene